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Trinx Mountainbike League
Time: 2015-04-27

Iranian Mountainbike League

Trinx and KTM in action

On friday Chitgar park in Tehran was hosting the first race of the Fastos Iranian Mountainbike League.

The juniors started early morning for their race. On a demanding parcours they had to do laps. From the start 2 teammates Ali Zohrabzadeh and Amirhoessein Jamshidiyan where leading the group, shortly followed by Trinx rider Mehdi Piramoon. As Amirhoessein could not keep up with Ali, Hossein Eskandri moved up to place 3 as Mehdi Piramoon had to stop in technical zone for a chain problem.

At the finish Ali was 1.20min ahead of his teammate Amirhoessein, followed Hossein Eskandri by who just stayed in front of Mehdi Piramoon. On 5th place Kasra Ghiyasi crossed the line.

Around 60 riders where in the startline for the Elite mens race. Directly after the start a group of 5-6 riders where riding together, changing positions several times. Trinx rider Parviz Mardani placed an attack on one of the several climbs in the course and tried to get a gap with the others. It was Faraz Shokri (Giant Iran) who managed to stay close to Parviz during several laps, shortly followed by Farzad Khodayari (Fastos-KTM).

Every lap the gap to rider 4,5 and 6 increased, with Sina Amiralaei (Trinx), Mohammad Poursharif (Abaris) and Nima Pashaei (Trinx).

Just before the last lap, Parviz Mardani could increase his lead, while Farzad Khodayaro could bridge the gap to Faraz Shokri.

With small gaps between the first riders, the last lap was really a hard fight how the podium places would be.

Parviz Mardani (Trinx) was the strongest, 30sec clear to Farzad Khodayari (Fastos-KTM) and 1minute to current national champion Faraz Shokri (Giant Iran).

Place 4 went to Sina Amiralaei with almost 4min distance, at 5min Nima Pashaei just finished in front of Mohammad Poursharif.

The Junior women race had 8 girls on the startline. Shiva Tavakoli (Fastos-KTM) was dominating the race and finished with 9min distance to 2nd rider Mahboube Ohadi, followed by Pegah Pooralavye.

In the Elite women race Faranak Partoazar (Powerbar Iran) took the lead followed by Maryam Jalaliye (Trinx).

Reyhaneh Khatouni was riding on position 3, followed by Azar Mohammadi (Fastos-KTM).

Faranak could increase her lead to Maryam and won the race with a gap of almost 2minutes. Reyhaneh could keep of Azar and secured the 3rd position at the finish.