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Salcano Bitlis MTB Cup 2015
Time: 2015-05-22

Salcano Bitlis MTB Cup 2015 - Turkey

Fastos-KTM and Trinx in international class 2 race in Tatvan

Thursday May 7th riders from Fastos-KTM and TRINX participated in international class 2 race in Tatvan.

On a fast bust still heavy course the men had to do 8laps, women 5laps. In the mens race Hungarian rider Zsolt Juhasz took the lead with Christian Helmig from Luxemburg. Fastos riders Farzad Khodayar and Mohsen Ramezani followed on 6 and 8th position. Trinx couple Parviz Mardani and Nima Pashaei followed in a group from position 10.

Sajad Taheri and Sina Amiralei started around position 20 but directly started to catch riders.

At the middele of the race Farzad was still in position 5-6-7 but Parviz joined the group.

Parviz lost some time due a nasty crash in the rocky downhill.

Mohsen fell back, clearly having pain due a crash in training. Nima was in the group from 8 to 13th position. At the beginning of the last lap Farzad was able to get closer to position 3-4, only as soon as the saw him comming, they increased the speed.

Parviz was battling for position 7 with 4 other riders. Nima lost contact with the group and was on 12th position. Sajad improved till 13th position, closely followed by Sina.

At the finish it was Zsolt Juhasz(hun) who win the race, just in front of Christian Helmig (lux) and Bayram Eroglu (tur) on 3rd place.

Kiril Kazantsev finished 4th with Farzad Khodayar just behind him on place 5.

Parviz Mardani could keep the 7th place, while Nina Pashaei took 12th place.

Sajad Taheri finished 13, with Sina Amiralaei on place 15. Mohsen Ramezani finished the race around 16-17th place, but was taken to hospitsl directly after the race to check his injury on his knee.

In the Women's race Faranak Partoazar (Fastos) took directly the lead, followed by Cansu Turkmenoglu (tur) and Maryam Jalaliyeh (Trinx).

The rest of the race Faranak increased her lead lap by lap and won the womens race i Tatvan. With Maryan Jalaliyeh on place 3 we can say that the Iranian girls dominated the race!

Coaches Harry Hendriks and Hasan Sadoghirad where very satisfied with the results of the team. Also team manager Mostafa Chaici was having a big smile in his face with the results of the Iranian riders.

"We came for experience and try to get UCI points, but today we could even fight for the podium places" according to team manager Chaici.

The next race will start on Friday till Sunday in Ahlat. This stagerace will also give important UCI points for the Olympic qualification.