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LJ Bikes out -reach program in partnership with Trinx Philippines
Time: 2015-06-30

After the fun ride it’s now time to share all the blessing that we gave gathered from the Sikad Kabataan (Bike for Kids) Fun Ride.

-To deliver our gifts (school bags with supply, slippers and toys) we had to drive to the out skirts of the city to Ipo Dam.

-Then we rode a boat to visit the children in Sapang Munti Elementary School. Together with LJ Bike, we from Trinx and some bikers walked to the mountains of Sapang Munti where we had to cross 4 rivers.

-Upon reaching our destination all the aches in our body disappeared upon seeing the smiles on the children’s faces. It was a trip worth doing again.

-As soon as we arrived we arranged the lunch that we have prepared for the kids, After the full hearty lunch it’s time for them to receive their blessing.

The children are very happy and enjoy the wonderful lunch together.