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Go With Trinx Around The World
Time: 2015-11-30

In 2015, TRINX sponsored a Spanish-Hungarian couple, Pablo Palacios and Lilla Farkas to travel around South America.

In 2013, they got to know the TRINX brand for the first time. In Kuala Lumpur after a good couple of days searching for bicycles--they bought two of TRINX RA275 models. With them they started to cycle through Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and a bit of Australia and to discover and experience a whole new style of traveling.

Malaysia was the first country where they ever travelled by bicycle, without any experience! They ended on the highway a couple of times, with the traffic( including trucks) passing. Finally they found an exit to a secondary road and thought they had enough for today, but no way; this was only the beginning! Pablo got his first puncture after a few kilometers. They had to cycle 80km to find accommodation. Fortunately their vision changed very quickly and they started to see the beauty of travelling by bicycle! They would say that the secret is just to be patient. Give yourself time and listen to your body!

Thailand is the second place where is known as the land of smiles. This is what they experienced during their trip crossing the country from South to the North. Nature is impressive, their people are even more. It was easy to get around and to feel welcomed everywhere. People were saying "Hello" to them when passing. Thailand has much more to offer than the white sand beaches and the landscape changes a lot from South to North.

The third place is Australia through Perth, a modern and green city below the huge and beautiful bule Australian sky. It is full of parks, bicycle lines lead everywhere and the river bank offers a beautiful run or cycle route. The quality of life in Perth is impressive.

After finishing their trip in Australia, they returned to live in Ireland. They lived and worked in Dublin in two years. Now they have the chance to discover more of the "Emerald Isle" on their bikes. In Ireland travelling by train with the bike is very comfortable.

Now, they decided to start a new adventure in December 2015, this time to undertake a cycle trip through South America. Their initial plan is to cycle from Montevideo( Uruguay) to Colombia, crossing Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. To complete their goal, they need reliable bikes! That is TRINX!