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Colorful Colombia
Time: 2016-05-26

Get through Peru, Lilla and Pablo are in Colombia now with TRINX bikes. From their cycling touring blog,, they have the wonderful time here. Now let’s follow up their wheels to experience the special Colombia scenery and culture.

From their eyes, Colombia is color, taste, rhythm, sensuality and sweetness! This is what they take home from this fascinating country! The air is full of passion, musical rhythm and sensuality. People are kind and happy to help others. The streets are reigned by compliments and whistles from men to women and reverse. The bus driver says “Good-bye, my love” to the female passengers and men are treated as “kings”, “beauties” or “love” by the female shopkeepers.

They took the boat there. Colombia offers a huge natural diversity; it has mountain, beach and jungle.

The cities in Colombia are decorated with tropical plants and flowers and its inhabitants look after their surroundings and have beautiful gardens. The people seem to live a tranquil life and they appear satisfied and happy.

After they enjoyed the city of Cartagena, we took our bikes again; this time they cycled following the coast direction north until we found a paradise a few kilometres after the National Park of Tayrona, the Beach of Los Angeles. They set our base camp there and discovered the surrounding areas by bike and foot. Nature, sun, beach, tropical fruits, routine-less days, very simple and relaxed life…

The journey is full of mystery. TRINX encourages people to go out with bikes, to enjoy the lifetime with lovers, friends and families. Go with Trinx!