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On May 20th, 2016, Iran Mehr Aein Vanda Company held the event to introduce Trinx to Iran and celebrated Trinx Group overseas joint venture company Vanda F&T( FASTOS & TRINX) Assembly Factory founded.
The launch event took place at the IRIB International Conference Center.
The 700 guests arrived from 6pm, including Trinx CEO Mr. Liang, Trinx general manager Shawn, Trinx representatives, global suppliers, the shareholders of Fastos, Iran agents and the president of Iran National Bicycle Association. They were all very welcome to be here.

The conference commenced at 7:00 p.m. after all attendance taking their seat with Iran National Anthem and PRC National Anthem.
The president of Iran National Bicycle Association Khosro Ghamari talked about the objective of Trinx in regards top grading the riding culture and optimizing this cooperation between Vanda and Trinx.

Mr. Hamidian as member of the board talked about their happiness for their entrance to Iranian market through Trinity Products and reached their goals as well as mentioned in the field of Trinity Company as our partnership which we have been working with them for long time. At the end he mentioned that Vanda Company intended to expand the culture of riding bike in Iran. With the UCI champion rider, Trinx will be more and more professional.

Mr. Liang as the CEO of Trinity Co talked about the objective of congratulation the successful ceremony of F&T factory and shared his happiness of Trinx overseas development. He also said Trinx’s goal is to”Let the public enjoy the riding fun which benefits from modern technology advancement!”We have the faith.

Mr. Shawn as General Manager of Trinity Company introduced Trinity to all guest  as well as talked about history of our company. He encouraged people to keep the scientific and reasonable green way to travel. He believed that Iran is the new chapter which will be full of challenge and opportunity.

The lottery activity was carried out at last, and it was caused to rewarded 17 bike selling programs whose big prize is Australia Luxury Touring.

The ceremony was so successful. This is the testimony of the development and strength of Trinx which is back up by the leaders, partners and unseen engineers, designers and the working members. Go with Trinx!